Miami Hurricanes

August 17, 2011

Its a pretty sad  state of college football right now. Between USC, Ohio St. UNC and now Miami ( for what the 3rd time) its very apparent that the top schools dont care about cheating and even if they get caught cheating.

Most schools probably “cheat” in some small way or another but to have a culture of corruption like Miami did and the fact that many coaches and even school staff members knew about it makes it even worse. Paying players bounties and even trying to hurt guys is disgusting to me.

Could a death penatly type sentence be on its way to Coral Gables? Its possible but I dont think the NCAA will go that route. Miami will get a major penalty but I just think there is too much money at stake for everyone involved ( NCAA and TV networks) to kill the Miami program.

Yet giving a dealth penatly could be the only way to start to clean up this huge mess that is amateur ( LOL) college football. If the NCAA doesnt give them a major penalty people need to show the NCAA we wont stand for this crap anymore.



August 16, 2011

Welcome to the Letsgobuffaloin2011 blog.

I will focus mainly on my Buffalo Bills but there will be many other fun topics on here..